Kenapa Orkin?

Local pest control expertise with global coverage.

Solusi pasti, didukung dengan service yang luarbiasa.

Ketika anda memanggil kami, anda memanggil tenaga terlatih dengan pengetahuan di bidang pengendalian hama yang selalu terbarui. Kita tidak hanya memberikan program pengendalian hama yang efektif, kami juga memberikan pelayanan terbaik, cepat dan aman.

Global Coverage

Total coverage across all of Indonesia by experienced and trusted specialists

Technical Expertise

Experienced experts with knowledge on local operating environments, conditions and practices

Quick Response

We are structured to respond quickly to meet your requirements and needs

Safety & Reliability

Continually reviewing our working practices to minimize risk and deliver unmatched quality and reliability


PhD-qualified entomologists provide expert advice to all brands of the Orkin businesses

In-House Audits

Objective in-house examination and evaluation to improve your business operations